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New Year stories from Chile

On December 29th, I talked about the best New Year ever.

Here I am now to share an account of a student who was on a visit to Chile:

Vina del Mar.

On the 31st, for supper we had a completely different main dish, unusual on the traditional Brazilian table: ostrich strudel.

For dessert, or "postre" in Spanish, there were a lot of fruit, pies, puddings, and ice cream.

No French toast, walnuts, chesnuts, hazelnuts, figs, raisins and plums as we have at our New Year's supper in Brazil.

I tried the cherry pie with cherry ice cream.

Superb! Cherries were in season in Chile. Very sweet and soft!

The place was nicely decorated and a young singer performed international songs.

I shouldn't have eaten and drunk so much!

Well, diets always start on January 1st.



How was your New year? Did you do anything special or different?

Simple ideas to change the world

Simple ideas can make majestic changes ....

To start, podcasts are a great way to make a difference in the learning experience. You can listen to them anywhere and at any time. (That's why they're called podcasts - Portable On Delivery + cast = transmission)

This one is from the BBC called 60-second idea to improve the world. On each program, a special guest has one minute to sell an idea that will make things a little better for all of us.

Here are some recent ideas:

A code of conduct for use of mobiles
We should all write love letters
Introduce fast lanes on sidewalks

What do you think? Are these really novel ideas and can they make a huge difference?

What's your idea? Remember you have 60 seconds!