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Showing posts from January 9, 2011

How is the weather changing where you live?

In which countries/regions would you see pictures like these?

Hurricanes in Brazil. Heat wave in Russia. Floods in Australia. Blizzards in the U.S. Droughts in the Amazon forest. Earthquakes in Scotland.

Are these events normal?

Is the planet striking back or these events just natural?

This what part of a discussion I had with over dinner with two great ELT writers, Carol Lethaby and Paul Seligson. And the thought was, wouldn't it be interesting to hear from local people how the weather has changed in the last years?

So this post is the start of may be a continuing look at the changes in the weather.

Tell us,

Has the weather changed a lot where you live?

How has it affected you and the people around you?

Let us know!