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Holiday or Vacation?

At this time of the year these two words are favorites:

Are they exact synonyms?
When do we use one and not the other?
What kinds of holiday/vacation are there?
Let's start with the last question first:
Have you ever been on a busman's holiday? It's when you do exactly the same thing you normally do at work. This is my case this year. During my holiday/vacation, what am I doing? What I usually do - teaching? I'm on a busman's holiday!

Here are some other types. Can you name them all? (The answers are at the end of this post)

What about the other two questions? Are holiday and vacation the same? When do I use one and not the other?

The difference is between American English and British English. (Observe the colours)

Vacation is the same asHoliday.

A holiday or public holiday is the same as a bank holiday.

The holidays is the period of Christmas, Hannukah and the New Year's.

Vacation is when universities are closed for students.

To finish, a few more que…