Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why do we remember the dead?

Today is known as the Day of the Dead in many like Brazil and Mexico. Each country celebrates the day in its own way but we can learn some valuable lessons:

#honor those who have left us;

#revere our ancestors;

#appease the dead by leaving their favorite food or items on the tomb

#see death as part of the life cycle

#contemplate our own mortality

How do you remember your loved ones who have passed away?

How do people remember the dead in other countries?

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Angela said...

The most important thing is to start to remember your loved one who has passed in a positive way .

It is very important to try and keep a good attitude. For example, instead of saying, "I can't believe he/she is gone. This is awful." Try to say, "I'm so sad that he/she is no longer with us but I want to remember him/her and keep their memory alive in a positive way.

Find photos of your loved one during happy and pleasant times. " Keep challenging yourself to grieve with this positive attitude and the process will be healthier.