Thursday, November 24, 2011

Give thanks

What's worse than showing ingratitude? Being grateful for the wrong things.

As Thanksgiving is being celebrated in the US, here is a message that we should never forget:

How Making a Gratitude List Can Change Your Life | Family Dynamics | LV Moms | LearnVest - Where life gets richer

Lists are a fundamental part of our lives - friends lists, resolutions lists, to-do lists, achievements lists, lists of bills, credit lists, vocabulary lists ...

So how can a gratitude list help us in our daily lives?

If you had to draw up a gratitude list, who would be on it?

Are you the kind of person that loves making lists? What are your favorites?

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Angela said...

Madre Teresa de Calcutá

Life is an opportunity. Take advantage of it!
Life is Beauty. Admire it!.
Life is Happiness. Taste it!
Life is a dream ! Make it come true!
Life is a Challenge. Face it!
Life is Duty. Fulfill it!
Life is a Game ! Play it!
Life is precious! Take care of it!
Life is Wealth. Preserve it!
LIfe is Love. Enjoy it!
Life is a Mistery. Discover it!
Life is a Promise. Fulfill it!
Life is Sadness – Overcome it !
Life is a hymn. Sing it!
Life is a Battle! Accept it!
Life is Adventure – Take risks!
Life is Joy ! Deserve it!
Life is Life. Defend it!

And I dare add :
Life is a gift- Thank God for it!

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving, probably the most popular American celebration, usually makes people think about what they are thankful for. But have you ever stopped to think about who you are thankful to?

Here’s our list:
partner = spouse = companion
therapists - psychologists, psychiatrists
personal trainers
family doctors
pets: dogs (street hounds and all), cats

Would you add anyone else?

Conversation group

Anonymous said...

I would liketo thanks to God,Jesus,Holy Spirit, my guardian angels,my excellent parents, some relatives, friends ,teachers, doctors and dentists, neighbours.

Angela said...

I`d like to thank my first elementary school teacher, Miss Yedda Cobbas Costas.
She was the first one who told me a long, long time ago :


PS: She worked for a county? state? school in a very poor district in Rio de Janeiro called Sampaio.

Angela said...


At that time, state and county schools were all called "escola pública" in Rio de Janeiro.

Angela said...

Have a look at what some philosophers have said about GRATITUDE:

Happy people remember the past with gratitude. They become happy with the present and face the future without fear.

Express Gratitude with words and attitudes. Your life will change in a positive way.
Masaharu Taniguchi

Gratitude is the best measure of someone`s character. A grateful person is someone faithful who is always with you,( doesn`t abandon you).
You can trust him/her forever.
Augusto Branco

Translated and adapted by Angela Oliveira

How to say THANK YOU in different languages:
Merci Beaucoup ( French)
Gracias (Spanish)
Vielen Danke ( German)
Thank you, thanks a lot, Thank you very much ( English)
Blogodario ( Búlgarian)
Dekuji (Díky) [dîkui, dîki] (Czech Republic)