Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The ability to never give up

Just in!

"Never give up" is probably one of the most beaten clichés we hear all the time. "Impossible is nothing", "Just do it", "You can do whatever you put your mind to" are just some that immediately come to mind.

But the story of Nick Vuijicic probably brings back meaning into the expression.

Most of the times people become role models because of what they have done, an external quality they possess (beauty or physical vigor) or how intelligent they are. Nick's simple existence - and the fact that he leads a normal life like all of us - is enough to make a him a model.


After watching a video this powerful, you can't help but think that there is nothing the human being is not able to do.

But tell us,

  • What special things are you able to do?
  • Is there something you have always wanted to be able to do but never had the chance?
  • What will you be able to do in the next five, ten, fifteen years?


Angela said...

Well, after watching the video and listening to Nick`s touching story, I believe I´m able to do almost everything.

Let`s learn with him!
Here are some of his lessons I believe everybody should listen to :

It´s a lie to think you`re not good enough
Be patient
Do not concentrate on things you wish you had
If you fail, try again.
If you fall, find strength to get back up.
And most of all,


Anonymous said...

A time for reflexion.
As Angela said we should learn with this young man.
I`ll memorize his words.

Anonymous said...

I`m ashamed of my everyday complaints.

Maria said...

I'm not able to drive a car , so I "m very sad with this situation, but I think I'm very old to try again ,so I gave up. But I can do many things: walK, talk,sing, eat, drink,travel etc because I still be able to use my hands, my feet in many situations and I thank my God every day because I can do these and many other things. Idon"t know what I'll do in the next years,but I expect God help me to have a good memory to be able to do the essencial things.

Anonymous said...

This young man surprised me in many ways! It´s good to remember that people can always surprise us!

Priscila Moraes said...

I'd loved this video! Especially by the way Nick Vuijicic presents herself. He don't have self pity. He don't is dramatic, but realist and assertive.
(Sorry by my grammatical mistakes!)

Luciana said...

When you see this video, you can...
think about your more more thankful. I cried...Nothing is impossible if you believe.

Anonymous said...

Self-pity is the only true obstacle that stops us from getting our glory.

Elza Moutinho said...

Accodinly with Eistein "we are able to do all things if you belive"