Thursday, July 14, 2011

One man's food is another man's aliment

What's on the menu? Can you name the items in the image?

Eating healthily or having a balanced diet is considered provisional to a long and disease-free life. Habits are changing, governments are encouraging healthy meals and people are making an effort to get in line.

GM (genetically modified), transgenetic fat, natural or organic food are becoming words of the day.

Some people argue that this sudden interest in eating healthy food is just another commercial scam. But what are the benefits to healthy eating?

How easy and how cheap is it to maintain a balanced diet?

How easy is it to have three square meals every day?


Anonymous said...

What`s on the menu?

Fruit: watermelon, some berries ( they may be blueberries or blackberries)avocado and dates

Vegetables : leeks, turnip, artichoke and celery

Meat : a joint of beef, spice sausage and barbecued meat

Seafood : shrimp, lobster, crab and oyster

Anonymous said...

The menu above sounds fab and really well-balanced. Sometimes it's hard to get all of that on my plate.