Who is the boss?

Supervisor. Overseer. Head. Foreman. Chief. Superintendent. Administrator. Master. Controller. Honcho. Cacique. Leader. Motivator.

Many synonyms for one word that provokes the most diverse reactions in employees:

Now that we have said the word, we can ask ourselves the following questions:

  • How do we define a boss?

  • Is there such thing as an ideal boss?

  • What role should a boss play?

  • What are some typical profiles of a boss?

  • What is worth more in a boss - qualifications or experience?

  • What does it take to be your own boss?

Imagine you had to pretend that you were a boss for one day in a company you don't know.

Now look at the results of an interesting survey:

Tell us:

(If you are an employee)

What would you do differently if you were in the boss's shoes?

Would things look totally different on the other side of the table?

(If you are already a boss)

What would you change about your leadership style?

What models of leadership or management do you try to follow?


Angela said…
Today I`m self-employed now and I don`t have bosses.
I can`t stand anyone bossing me around any more.

But I had many bosses in the past. Some of them I would call leaders instead of bosses.
They knew how to form a team , respected everybody`s potential and limitations and were very important to my career.

Some others, only a few, thank God, were authoritarian, inflexible, grouchy, really dictators.
I had to eat absurd things up.

If I were in a boss`s shoes today I would try to listen to my subordinates, enhance their self-esteem, be open to negotiatiate and above all, respect them as human beings..
Angela said…

Instead of

Today I`m self-employed now,

Please read

I´m self-employed now.

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