Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A series on translation

My experience as a translator

I have always had a passion for languages, and because of that I decided that when I finished my high school studies, I had to take a degree in that area. That led me to major in Foreign Languages (Portuguese and Spanish). I got an opportunity at work to try my hand at translating some slides for my boss and immediately caught taste for the profession.

I didn’t major in translation, but I really like it and since the translator has to love what he/she does, and has to like working with computers and spending hours on the internet, I identified with the trade from the start! The internet is full of information, forums and communities for translators.

The translator is a specialist in written and spoken texts, and everything you read and hear serves as material for their translations. The biggest challenge of translation is to be faithful to the original one without violating the target language, adapting the original to a readership that is not from the original, and that the author even knows, without modifying the original text nor losing their specificity or violating the target language.

So, do you prefer to read material that is translated or do you prefer to read the original?


Anonymous said...

I prefer to read the original text

Anonymous said...

Give the original any day, as long as it is in a language that I am familiar with?

Anonymous said...


Karla, from Brazil.

Angela said...

I enjoy reading the same book in different languages.
It`s amazing how some expressions can have different conotation in different languages.
Regarding poems, I think the ones who translate them must be poets, as well.