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What if?

I know somebody has asked this question a thousand times but it doesn't hurt to think about it:

What if your life was different?

  • Would you be a different person?
  • Where would you live?
  • What high school would you study at?
  • What would your parents do?
  • How many brothers and sisters would you have?
  • What would your life be like?

I would like to hear your answers. If possible, tell us why.

I know, for example, that I would be the same person I am today because this is who I am.

What about you?


Anonymous said…
Maybe We would be a different person.We would live in the same house.
I would study in Ph(Débora)/I would study in Andrews(Ana Carolina).
I have no idea what my parents would do.
We would have just one brother/sister.
I have no idea too,but I think my life would be great!!!
Anonymous said…
No, i would be the same person that i'm now. I would live in Italy. I don't know. They would be working with computers. I would have 4 brothers and 3 sisters. My life would be very exciting.

Turma: 1201
Julia Moura nº18
Isabelly Pereira nº13
ana maria e gabriela - 1201 said…
We like our life..but if we could change our lifes we would live in italy. We would study at Italy too.
Our parents could be presidents and we couldn't have any brothers or sisters. Our life would be cool surrounded by a lot of friends.
Vinicius e Joao Pedro Goulart said…
if my life were different of course i would be a different person,this is why my creation would be different, i would live at USA , i would study at harvard , i would like to have parents present in my life, giving me money, funny and assistence , i would have 2 brothers and 1 sister
, my life would be funnier and i would be a better person
Anonymous said…
Would you be a different person?
maybe, i like my life but it could be interesting have another experience.

Where would you live?
In Italy

What high school would you study at?
I don't know any high school in Italy

What would your parents do?
I don't like to choose my parent's job, it won't influence me.

How many brothers and sisters would you have?
No one.

What would your life be like?

Carolina - 1201
Anonymous said…
I don't know, maybe i was another person. With a different custums, a different way to act in a day to day, i should be another boy. If my life was different, probably i was on United States, because all i want is go to this country. Maybe i would try to speak english in a perfect way, but...
Maybe i'll study on a normal High School, but, if i want, maybe i should have a homeschooled, when i learn the disciplines that i have on school, on my home. It's simple. I would love if i had this. I'm a unique son of family, and i like it. I don't wanna have a brother or a sister. Maybe because i'm a little selfish. So, i love my parents and i don't want to change anything in this. It's perfect.
But i love my life, and i wouldn't change nothing.

Aluno: João Pedro Alves de Oliveira
Anonymous said…
1- No I like who I am.

2- Maybe in a diferent town

3- I don't know

4- I don't know,I can't decide.

5- One brother one year older

6- A good life,happy.

Janaina M. T: 1201
Anonymous said…
Would you be a different person?
No, because I like who I am today and would not change.

Where would you live?
I really like to leave in London, Canadá or california.

What high school would you study at?
In no one if I could.

What would your parents do?
My father owner of coca cola and my mother owner of all cloting stores.

How many brothers and sisters would you have?
one brother and one sister.

What would your life be like?
My life would be much better, but I like how it is.

Luiza Machado
Anonymous said…
Would you be a different person?
No, because i like who I am

Where would you live?
London, because it's a beautiful place

What high school would you study at? I don't now, but it would be a great school

What would your parents do?
I wish they had the same profession

How many brothers and sisters would you have?
The same as now, four brothers.

What would your life be like?
My life would also be good, but I like how it's now.

Laura Duarte nº20 - turma 1201
Anonymous said…
Would you be a different person?
Maybe it would be nice

Where would you live?
California because it is a place with beautiful people, with nice places

What high school would you study at?
Probably in a large school, typical american

What would your parents do?
My parents would be a business person

How many brothers and sisters would you have?
I wish i had two older brothers and a younger sister

What would your life be like?
My life would be a good and serenity

Bianca Martins. T- 1201
Kaue-TYF and CaioJogador said…
Really , i could be a different person . i would live in anywhere , but i would like to live in Ipanema or Leblon. I would like to study at Pinheiro Guimarães. My father could be a businessman and my mother is a medic . I would have 8 brothers and 0 sisters. My life would be amazing.
Edilaine said…
Would you be a different person?
Really, I don't think so. I like to be who I am. Maybe I'd like to turn to be the current me earlier in life, it would save me from a great deal of suffering.

I would live in any warm place, were there is little or no snow in the winter.

I would take a good, catholic or protestant high school, where I c could have thousands of activities to fill my days.

I don't know... any job that allows them to be present in my life...

I'd like to have my two sisters and maybe one brother, just to know how it would be.

My life would be happy, cool and diferent!
Angela said…
About being a different person?
What about picking the best of the best:
Live in Montreal – the safest place in the world
Study in Harvard -the best university in the world
Get married to Bill Gates, the richest man in the world
Spend my vacations on Queen Elizabeth, the most refined cruise in the world


I would probably gain a lot but lose the most important:

So… I`m trying to become a different person, a better one: more cooperative, more generous, more patient... but…
I want to go on being MYSELF.
Demy e Mariana Turma:1201 said…
1- No, 'cause our personalite will always be the same
2- we would live in USA.
3- We would study in High School Musical, hê ! ok, no (:
4- What they do now !
5- We would have five brothers and five sisters.
6- Our life would be PERFECT, weee *-*'

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