Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is the Oxford English Dictionary too hip? OMG!


FYI, this video talks about new words that are now part of the Oxford English Dictionary.

How many ppl are familiar with these abbreviations or acronyms?

For instance, what exactly is WYSIWYG? - What You See Is What You Get

Have you ever gone shopping and seen a sign BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free)?

How can we learn the meaning of modern expressions like these? In a dictionary, right?

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What do you think - should these words/expressions be placed in a dictionary? Chillax! [Chill and Relax] If things continue the way they do, this will be normal, not something new.


Angela said...

The same way LASER, the acronym which stands for "Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation " entered the dictionary, words like BOGOF ( buy for free) may enter as well.

Angela said...

The only way a word or expression gets into the dictionary is by being used.
Lexicographers don't make or invent words.

It´s amazing to discover the origin of the words, how some of them are created from nothing and how their form and meaning change over time.

For example, the word "maid" which today can be defined as a female servant, used to be an archaic , literary or a young unmarried girl; maiden.

The word "yuppie" is an acronym made from two initials : young people

Anonymous said...

Acronyms, blendings, slangs, colloquail expressions ... knowing where it came from might make it easier to remember.