Are you open?

This post I fully endorse.

Sometimes we have to stop and think about how we see things and about where we are standing.

Changing our sunglasses or the vantage point we have makes a helluva difference.

How can we talk about change when we are quick to criticize what we think is different?

How can we talk about innovation when we do things in the same old way? I won't say anymore.

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Angela said…
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
Albert Einstein

If you do things the same way you will get the same results.
If you really want a shift in your life, think about changing your priorities, your habits, your self-talk, your motivation, your commitments, your inputs and your methods.
Anonymous said…
So you mean to tell me half of the world is insane? Creeepy!
Angela said…
The insanes are the ones who expect different results from things they keep doing the same way.

I believe, that more than half of the world isn`t insane.
They simply DO NOT want to change.

Know the proverb?
"Better the devil you know than the devil you don`t know."
Teresa said…
I totally agree with you, Angela.
In fact, you quoted Einstein.
And who dares contesting him?

Indeed, people don`t want to change.
They keep voting for the same guys who make the same promises and keep stealing our money using the same ways.

Insanes are the ones who expect different results!
Anonymous said…
Many people should think about changing sun - glasses.
Most of them don`t want to change because they can`t see the reality.
Anonymous said…
Change, like action, is a funny word - easy to say but hard to put into practice.

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