Monday, February 7, 2011

What is an anthem?

An anthem

is a song that symbolizes the values, aspiration, beliefs and victories of a country and the people that make part of it.

Singing the anthem invokes a feeling of being a part of a group, of an identity and invokes sentiments of patriotism and civic responsibility.

So when singer Cristina Aguilera messed up the lines at SuperBowl night, the news was all over the world.

"Aguilera flubs national anthem at SuperBowl"

"Cristina Aguilera's Star-Spangled Fail"

"Cristina Aguilera mangles Star-Spangled Banner"

"Cristina Aguilera re-wrote the Star-Spangled Banner"

"Cristina Aguilera forgets Star-Spangled Banner lyrics"

"Cristina Aguilera's Big Star-Spangled Banner Mishap"

Why is everyone making a big thing out of the incident? She's only human. Everybody makes mistakes.
Who hasn't ever forgotten the lyrics of the national anthem?

Take a look at the news headlines. What are the verbs used?

What do you think can make a person forget his/her national anthem?


Anonymous said...

What should the message of an anthem be?

Analyzing the Brazilian anthem and the American one, we can find interesting semantic similarities:
Besides the images of self-reliance ,self-confidence, braveness , peace, and liberty,
the outstanding image is


May be the Brazilian singer Vanessa and Cristina Aguilera, the American one misspelled the lyrics because they got obfuscated

"E o sol da liberdade em raios fúlgidos".
"Brilhou no céu da patria neste instante".
"A imagem do cruzeiro resplandesce "
"Fulguras , Ó brasil, florão da América"
" Iluminado ao sol do novo mundo".

"What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?"

"Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thru the perilous fight"

" In full glory reflected, now shines on the stream"

"Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light",
wilight's last gleaming?

Vanessa said...

That`s right.
How interesting!
I haven`t realized the similarities.
Why so much brightness??????????

PS:The name of the Brazilian singer is Vanuza.

Anonymous said...

The lyrics of most anthems have a sophisticated vocabulary, words that we don`t use in everyday life.
Besides, anthems are sung only in very special occasions, so that people have only a few opportunities to listen to them.
I think the singers took for granted they knew the lyrics by heart and didn`t spend much time rehearsing them.