Valentine's Day 2 - Not so sweet Valentine

What do these words have in common? (Click on each of the expressions)


Here's a song to help you understand what I'm talking about. Listen and pay attention to the lyrics that show on the screen.

  • What do you think the singer did to be alone on a Valentine's Day?
  • What do you think the "black wind" mentioned in the song refers to?

Valentine's Day (apparently) brings back gloomy (sad) memories for the singer.

  • Is there a day that brings back sad memories for you?
  • What about good memories?


Anonymous said…
I think these two following lines describe the whole situation :

" I used to have my own protection"
" My path has lost direction"

Sometimes when people find someone to love they lose their individuality.
Be careful not to do so.
My advice is:
Keep faithful to your own projects, plans and dreams, no matter if you`re alone or in good company.
By doing so, you`ll avoid losing your own protection and direction.
Angela said…
After breaking up, good memories and bad memories keep fighting in our mind like the white swan and the black one.
Wanna know which one will win?
The one you feed.
By the way, I can highly recommend the movie. ( The Black Swan). You can`t miss it.
Anonymous said…
Is that what the Black Swan is about after all? Isn't it funny how good and bad are color coded, whcih in turn, are culturally coded?
Angela said…
I can`t agree more!
After all, it`s just a matter of melanine quantity.

We can also find this code in proverbs and expressions like : "black market", "black bill" , "black list" and “The black sheep of the family”.

Why is the evil represented by the black colour?
Anonymous said…
That`s right!
I haven`t realized all these associations with black colour.

Here are some more : black dog , blackguard and blackmail.
Angela said…

Instead of melanine, please read MELANIN

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