Oscar 2011- The Black Swan- You can't miss it

Here's an interesting review done by a student Angela about one of the films running for Best Picture:

Summing up, the Black Swan is a psychological thriller about a ballet dancer, Nina, who was pure and angelic, perfect to perform the role of the white swam. But the director wanted an actress able to perform both roles : the white swam and the black one. ( The story was based on the Swan Lake the ballet opera from Tchaikovsky???) Then, Nina began an internal and external journey in search of her dark side.
It's provocative because the film structure is similar to James Joyce's style ( The stream of unconsciousness).
In order to understand the story, the spectator has to reorganize the story which is narrated in flashbacks and flashfowards.
It’s a complete fusion between fantasy and reality what makes the film interesting and provocative.
Competition ,the desire of going beyond limits and being perfect are some of the dramatic cells of the narrative.
What else?
Visual hallucinations ,psychotic symptoms , drugs, mutilation, masochism, ...
Well, go watch it !

Agree with the synopsis?

Has anybody seen any of the other films?

Would you like to post a review? Send me a message!


Teresa said…
I agree with Angela – You can`t miss the film !

I read that Natalie Portman had to undergo extreme weight loss to perform the ballet dancer. She`s brilliant! I really don`t know who was in search of perfection: The character or the actress ?
Anonymous said…
When we give ourselves to a project, we can acept nothing but that: PERFECTION.
Anonymous said…
I agree with the synopsis.
In just a few lines it describes the whole film.
In my opinion, Black Swan is going to win the award for best movie.
Anonymous said…
I liked the film review.

"An internal and external journey in search of her dark side" ....
Very philosophical !!!!!
Anonymous said…
I agree entirely w/ the article!
It goes straight to the point!

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