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Anybody, somebody, someone, anyone!

There are so many songs we can think of with the combinations any, some and no. Here are just a few to prove my point:

Help I need somebody, help! Not just anybody, help! (the Beatles)

Nothing compares to you. (Sinead O'Connor)

Nobody does it better. (Carly Simon)

I just need somebody to love. (Justin Bieber)

Somewhere I belong (Linkin Park)

But there is one that I particularly like:

How would you complete these sentences?

I’d never marry anybody who ...

I need something which ...

Nowhere in the world is better than ...

Nobody knows ...

I’d love to meet somebody who ...

I’ve never been to a country where ...


Angela said…
Marriage? Completely out of my plans !
Anyway, answering question number one:

I`d never marry anyone who makes me hate myself for being what I am
Giovanna said…
Nowhere in the world is better than HOME!

I feel a bit like Dorothy saying that, but... just wha I really think!

Loved the post, the song ideas and the video! =D
Danuza said…
I would say that nowhere in the world is better than wherever the people you love are! Nothing compares to being close to those who are dear to you!
Anonymous said…
Well said Danuza!

Giovanna, who exactly is Dorothy?
Angela said…
Very interesting exercice, Stephan !

In fact, you`re making us practice CHUNKS OF LANGUAGE.

In fact,a chunk of language is a sequence of words that native speakers frequently use, the best and most natural way of expressing something.

By the way,talking about natural way...
I`d love to find something which brings me back to my childhood.
Anonymous said…
You are not alone Angela!
Angela said…
I`d love to meet somebody who makes me laugh.
Someone witty and good-humoured.
People are getting grouchier and grouchier !
Mairukinha said…
I’d never marry anybody who USE DRUGS.

I need something which MAKES ME HAPPY.

Nowhere in the world is better than MY HOUSE.


I’d love to meet somebody who HAS VISITED IRAQUE.

I’ve never been to a country where DON'T HAVE ELETRICITY
Anonymous said…
I´d never marry anybody who not like child
I need something which i feel happy
Nowhere in the world is better than my house
Nobody knows live life
I´d love to meet somebody who can work in my house
I´ve never been to a country where people eating with hands

Carla Pimenta
Anonymous said…

Excellent comments here!

Maira, why Iraq?

Carla, have you ever eaten with your hands?
Anonymous said…

I’d never marry anybody who smoke

I need something which relax my feet

Nowhere in the world is better than my mom’s house

Nobody knows the mind of the other person

I’d love to meet somebody who seen a flying saucer

I’ve never been to a country where have volcanoes.

Bye! Fatima.
Eduardo said…
Hi guys

I’d never marry anybody who doesn´t like taking a shower.

I need something which gives me peace.

Nowhere in the world is better than my bed.

Nobody knows who is god.

I’d love to meet somebody who is fun and inteligent.

I’ve never been to a country where is in a war.

Bye from Eduardo.
Elza said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elza Moutinho said…
I'd never marry a man who doesn't respect his wife.

Everyone has beautiful things, but we need to pay attention so that we can see better. We are all differents and this is the interesting in relationships in general.

Love is about respect, is about acception, Buf for have love, the first thing we have to do is love and respect ourselves.

Think about it.

Elza Moutinho
Claudia said…
I'd never marry anybody who doesn't like my daughter.

I'd love to meet somebody who makes me laugh.

Nowhere in the world is better than my parents home.

Claudia Cunha
Anonymous said…

So many reflective comments! Really deep.
Alan said…
I would never marry someone who has no goals in life.

I need something that I still lack.

Nowhere in the world is better than my house.

Nobody knows my problems.

I'd love to find someone that I could trust.

I never went anywhere.

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