Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How is the weather changing where you live?

In which countries/regions would you see pictures like these?

Hurricanes in Brazil. Heat wave in Russia. Floods in Australia. Blizzards in the U.S. Droughts in the Amazon forest. Earthquakes in Scotland.

Are these events normal?

Is the planet striking back or these events just natural?

This what part of a discussion I had with over dinner with two great ELT writers, Carol Lethaby and Paul Seligson. And the thought was, wouldn't it be interesting to hear from local people how the weather has changed in the last years?

So this post is the start of may be a continuing look at the changes in the weather.

Tell us,

Has the weather changed a lot where you live?

How has it affected you and the people around you?

Let us know!


Angela said...

In Brazil the most serious climate problem has been THE RAIN.
Rainfall has just paralyzed São Paulo. Hours of non-stop rain caused deaths and brought traffic on key cross-city roads to a standstill.
In fact, the problem is not the rain itself but the lack of infrastructure and investment in the city.
Unfortunately the rainfall in S.Paulo is not an isolated fact.
The rainy season in Brazil lasts from December to March and every year many landslides have been registered.
The mudslides have hit populated hillsides and shanty towns all over the country.
It`s a shame that these tragedies are now, as Carnival, part of the Brazilian calendar.

Anonymous said...

And it looks like it'sjust getting worse

We all know what needs to be done, so what are we waiting for?

Angela said...

Yes,that`s the question: What are we waiting for?
The situation is getting worse and worse. More than 250 people ( including three firemen) died in Rio de Janeiro.
Back to the posted questions, I can say that the weather has DRASTICALLY changed where I live and has affected A LOT OF PEOPLE around me.
Heavy rains continue to cause mudslides and main roads have been cut by floods. Downpours are trigging more tragedies and official news said that potential mudslides threatened at least 10,000 homes.
The traffic is a chaos !
My question is :
How is this city supposed to host the Olympics?

Angela said...

Correcting the comment posted on January 12th :

every year many landslides ARE registered.