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Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars - but they can understand each other

This question is for the men:

You are going to meet with your friends and watch the national championship final. What do you think your wife or girlfriend means when she says this:

"That's okay, honey, you can do whatever you like"

a) I understand you need some time for yourself

b) It's okay if I spend Sunday afternoon by myself

c) How could you be so selfish? Don't you see I need you next to me?

Ever since the beginning of time, men are said to speak a different language to women, that is why they never understand each other. Each group complains about the other, saying that the other side does not try to comprehend and meet halfway.

This "commercial" presents a new device that can help "translate" what women really say and what men are incapable of comprehending.

What do you think?Do men and women really need a device like this? If this device really existed, would it really work?

Someday at Christmas

Can you complete this sentence?

Someday at Christmas ....

This is the name of a song written and recorded by Stevie Wonder in 1967. Since then it has been re-recorded by many artists, from Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber.
The song talks about a time in the future, when there is peace, fraternity and harmony around the world. Christmas is the symbol of all these good and positive things.

But most important part of the song is probably in these lines:
Someday our dreams will all come to be Someday in a world where men are free Maybe not in time for you and me But someday at Christmastime
What do you think?
Is this world where men and women are free already here? If not, do you think we will see this world in the immediate future?