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Soon, families in the USA will be celebrating Thanksgiving. What do you know about the date?

Read about it here.

Complete the sentences with Thanksgiving words here.

Finally complete the sentence in the comments box:

I am thankful for ....

American X British English - differences again

This is part of the interview given by actress Emma Watson, the eternal Hermione from the Harry Potter franchise on the David Letterman show.

She's currently studying at an American university, so she talks about the difficulties she has adapting to the culture and the language.

But don't the two countries speak the same language?

Watch the video.

What did Emma think the differences between the two types of English were about?

Emma gives two examples of words that have different meanings in each country. What are the two words? Click here and here.

During the interview, David Letterman makes this observation: "That says something about American kids:they know you're bleeding, but yet they can't put two and two together".

What do you think the expression means? No idea? Try here.