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Showing posts from October 24, 2010

Learning Real English with a clown

I talked about the now world famous Brazilian clown Tiririca in another post. But this video about him being elected is not just funny but also an opportunity to learn some useful vocabulary:

How do you say these expressions in English?

1. concorrer a um cargo público?
2. estar cheio de alguém?
3. acabar com a concorrência?
4. aprontar, tramar algo?
5. hipócritas pomposos, falsos políticos profissionais?

Now complete the sentences below with the English words and expressions:

There is a clown _____________________ in Brazil.

It shows how people __________________ politicians.

He ___________________________. He won!

I’m going to go figure out what they _______________.

People are tired of the _________________________________________.

For the answers, click here.

On a funny note, how many ways does the male presenter pronounce the clown's name?

Hey Jude

This is an incredible new way to learn the lyrics of a song.

After you watch the video:

What are the three main lines of the song?