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10 things that young people should (or not) do

Should not

- have sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend while your parents are sleeping, because the noise can make them wake up, and find you naked and wet together in the same bed.
- do tattos, just to look like a cool guy. When you get older, your skin will be like a passion fruit, and the naked girl in your arm, for example, will be transformed into a mummy.
- listen to loud music everyday. In your sixties you won't hear everything but your mind.
- think that muscles are everything. Doing physical exercices is good but is not all. Study and go earn your living.
- bully your school colleagues. The guy who always get ten in maths and can't speak normally with girls can be your boss in the future.


- study to be someone.
- listen to your parents
- enjoy your youth, but without exageration
- eat vegetables. Believe, there are people who don't like to, even at 18, like me xD
- respect people and their opinions. Yours can be different but nobody made you god.