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Kids & The Marshmallow test How about a fresh and delicious marshmallow? It`s almost impossible to refuse one, specially if you are a kid, but what if you could get two?
An experiment run by Dr. David Walsh was based on this tempting offer. Several kids were located in a room, and each one had a plate with ONE marshmallow on it. They could either eat that marshmallow, or wait fifty minutes, and they would get another one. Resuming: eat ONE now, or TWO almost an hour latter.
The results were impressive, only 3 of the 12 kids ate the marshmallow as soon as the supervisor left the room ( well... who wouldn`t...ahahahah) , the other 9 "suffered" for almost 1 hour, poor kids...but at the end, they got the marshmallows.
But it`s not just the marshmallow, Dr. David said that the objective of the experiment was to show how kids act differently form each other, and help parents try to figure out how to help their kids to have mor…

The new Teen Sensation- WHY !?

Each day, we can see new artists and singers appearing overnight, others getting more and more popular, but this new kid, Justin Bieber, opens a new cattegory of sudden success , and gives a new meaning for the word "STAR".
People seem to have lost their sense, their control about what is reality when it comes to this kid. Now, not only the "teeny bowpers" are getting crazy about him, but now we can see even grown woman in his shows...That's sad.
He posesses an image, a personality most teenagers find atractive: modern clothes, stylish hair, catchy songs, etc... ; and what is worst, making millions of fans worldwide believe that his way of living is OK, is cool.
These modern days' youth seems to lose all their personality, give up of everything just to follow, or pretend to be someone, just to be accepted by the rest of the society. And don`t come to me saying that his songs are beautiful, that they have deep and emotional lyrics, because they DON`T .

What I think about "Bonde da Stronda"

It's very easy for me to describe the group of hip hop "Bonde da Stronda". They are kind of ugly boys that want to be famous writing about sex and other stupid things that I'm sure they don't do. They also use international instrumental songs, mix it, and make strange lyrics to join it. The group use to play in teen parties, festivals, and nightclubs, for hundreds of people who believe that pornography, vulgar sex, depreciation of woman, and acting like animals are better than studying and being someone in life. I'll show you part of the lyrics:

"algumas falam demais e na hora só enrolam
esse tipo é popular, xxt coca-cola
mas não importa qual vai ser importa se vai rolar
morena,ruiva,loira,negra o importante é furar"

"Várias idades, cidades, sotaques,
variedades sempre tem e as namoradas dão ataque.
Banheira de hidromassagem com as mina passando nua
e os parceiros só de toalha chamando as mulher na rua."

OH MY GOD, what is this?
And the worse: the f…

The newest brazilian "sensation": Fiuk

Fiuk is the newest teenage sensation in Brazil - he's considered beautiful and talented. Now he's acting in "Malhação ID", a program for teenagers that always has the same history. In the program he plays a boy that wants to be in the music world but his family is against it. In my opinion he's not a good actor. When he speaks it looks like he's in pain. He even has a band called "Hori", and once I've heard that this word means harmony or something like that in another language. He reminds me of a homeless guy, because his hair is so awful and his clothes are very colorful and ugly. And Fiuk is a horrible nickname.. Fans, sorry.. But how do you like this guy ? He's forced, not beautiful and his voice is really strange. So I want you to answer my question if you're his fan.

Restart Band - new youth

It's sad to see where this new youth is heading. I was taking a look at youtube and, unfortunately, I found a video of a Restart's fan giving an interview, and it really shocked me. The girl didn't talk like a normal person, and she was always using emoticons to say, instead of normal speaking.
First thing, I'm not saying that you can't create your own personality, but sometimes it gets ridiculous! And worse, these new bands coming bring new shitty style, which make people like them think that it's normal.
The parents are not setting the expected limits to show that you won't go anywhere, excepting under the bridge, with this pointless way of living. Kids have to receive strong education if it's necessary. Life is not easy, and sometime you'll have to wake up to this. However, it would be good to do it now, because if you don't, no one but the circus will give you a job,
So, my advice is.......CHANGE YOUR WAY OF BEING YOURSELF 'cause life is n…