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"Time" magazine made a list of 100 most influencial personalities from 2010, and guess who was there in the first place of the leaders? that's right, our president direct from Brazil: Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva...

Come on... couldn't they have chosen another person? I'm sure there's at least one person more influencial than Lula, like...I don't know, James Cameron maybe. Lula sayd that Brazil is becoming a first world country, ahahahahah, well, at least James' fictional world is better, more colorful and alive.

I think people should interpretate this list only as a political and social Oscar cerimony: sometimes the winner doesn't deserve it for their talent, they only get it because they are the talk of the town.

Influencial people of 2010

I saw the list of the most influencial people in 2010 and I couldn't believe that Lula was considerated the most important leader. How this can be possible? We can't say that he never did things for Brazil, but he's not the guy that people from other countries think he is. Another thing that I didn't undertstand is the fact that Ben Stiller is considered a hero. I think it's amazing the fact that he cares about the schools for Haitian children, but he's not a hero because of this, he's just a guy with a good heart and money to do it.
When I saw that Lady Gaga was the most influencial artist, I totally agreed, because she does everything she wants, and doesn't care about what people say of her. And this is why she's on the top of the list.
Of course there are other influencial people that I don't think should be on the list, but there's nothing to say about it. It's what most people think...
I just hope that next year they choose the famous…

Lula is one of the most influencial person of 2010

Unfortunately, during my english class, I was looking at and I found something interesting. An article of the most influencial people of 2010, and there was LULA. A lot of good commentaries about him and his government. I know that the people from outside don't know what is happening here and I gotta say that most of the complaments aren't true. "He tries to propel Brazil into the first world with....Fome zero". hauhuahuahuha, Brazil? In the First world? Good joke! If that was the intention he failed, because all I see is a lot of civilians dying everyday with hunger. And if he was really interested in solving this problem (that I think is very important to discuss) he should have given progress to it. More over, they don't see (or see) that this action can be used as a politic strategy of earning voters. With all these "helps", the excellency president no finger now has the support of the whole region of northeast. I can't igno…

Taking justice into your own hands

It's not usual to see people taking justice with your own hands, but sometimes it happens. Today (04/20/10) I was watching Wagner Montes (as always) and he showed a report about an old man blocking a thief that was trying to run away. Nobody got injured and the asshole could escape. The guy was armed with a gun but he didn't use it. Taking this episode just for an example, I ask: Should we do the same thing in our life?
It's a difficult question to answer because it depends on the situation. In a violent world like ours, the best advice is: don't react! However, sometimes the thief sucks so bad that we can do our part. If he is alone and not armed, you can try a fight XD. That's why I never leave home without my penknife but, I'll only use it if the guy tries to rob or hurt me because I'm protected by the law.
For the normal people I repeat: don't react! Just for me and the others who like seeing bad guys dying is a good idea, under those circunstances o…

Church in conflict with Lady GaGa

A lot of things have been said about Lady GaGa. Some people think that she's only a crazy singer that wants to make money being polemical. Other people think that she's a bad singer that has become famous because of her style. The problem is: What does the Church say about her?
I've done a research on the web to find out this, and I've discovered a lot of curious things. Some religious say that she's a leader who will make a revolution of the devil on the earth. They say she's spreading evil among all the people who follow her. On the other hand the fans are defending Lady GaGa, and believe that she is only breaking taboos, fighting for the gay rights, saying her real opinion about the facts, and sparking of envy. And how will we know what's true or not?
Let's talk about one of her videoclips, "Bad Romance".
I've received a e-mail about this video, saying that the images represents a ritual of iniciation for a kind of god. It says that all o…

Parents x friends: who is the best to travel with ?

When we talk about traveling, we can say that it's a time to relax and do whatever we want. But sometimes when you're a teenager, this time can be very different from what you're thinking. For example, if you travel to a very boring place with your parents, and they keep saying what you "need" to do there, it'll be a very bad trip. On the other hand, if you travel with your friends, you're able to do everything you want: go everywhere, do everything, you feel like you're free.
In my opinion, it's very good to travel with your friends, because you feel independent and older. But if your parentes aren't boring, the travel with them can be good too. In case they don't care about what you wanna do in the travel, you can tell them everything you thing it's important and convince them that your opinion is important too.

10 things you have to know before dying

1) The righthanded people, in average, live nine years more than the lefthanded.
2)A modern airplane would spend 90 years to go from Earth to Sun.
3)One American law in 1969 became illegal the contat of citizens and ETs.
4)The Spanish hymn doesn't have lyrics.
5)Millions of trees in the world have been planted by squirrels, because they sometimes forget where they've put its nuts.
6)Coca Cola used to be green.
7)There are more chickens in the world than humans.
8)Mao Tse Tung have never washed his tooths. That's why they were green.
9)The mosquitos have tooths.
10)The City of Mexico has sank 9 metters in the last 100 years.

Another Day In Paradise - a song for reflection

The big issue commentary

For the people who don't know what I'm talking about. "The big issue" , summarizing, is a magazine which is sold for homeless people, and them they sell it for a bigger price, in order to get money to survive. However, is this the right way to help these underprivileged class of society?
The ideal way, in my opinion, would be giving them a job and a place to live, not having to pay a rent, everything supported by the government. With this, they could keep a nest egg and then restart their lives. I'm not saying that the idea of "The big issue" is bad, on the contrary, It's very useful. But this was the first step. Now we have to do more. A great idea would be use the money from the olympic games and the world cup (which is the biggest bullshit ever) to start the construction of these houses. If they already exist in some places, we should renovate them. Put there people who is really interested on changing their lives. The government doesn't need …


Analysing the human behavior, we can conclude that we have a lot of conflicts everyday, what make us stressed and unhappy in most of the time. So, how can we avoid them?
First, we have to see which situations can lead to conflict in people's personal and professional lives. To much work? Problems with money? Addictions? Arguments at home? Misunderstandings? All of these cases show us a necessity of putting our bad feelings away. In my opinion, it happens because we don't have time for ourselves anymore; everything is happening very fast in our lifes (relationships, changes of informations, feelings, desires, necessities, etc) and because of it we've become anxious.
So, stop a little. Pay attention on the things around you. When I say "things" I'm talking about friendship, family, landscapes, dreams, love, hobbies. What really bring us what everyone wants: happiness. Try to escape from fights and arguments…