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10 things you have to know before dying

1) The righthanded people, in average, live nine years more than the lefthanded.
2)A modern airplane would spend 90 years to go from Earth to Sun.
3)One American law in 1969 became illegal the contat of citizens and ETs.
4)The Spanish hymn doesn't have lyrics.
5)Millions of trees in the world have been planted by squirrels, because they sometimes forget where they've put its nuts.
6)Coca Cola used to be green.
7)There are more chickens in the world than humans.
8)Mao Tse Tung have never washed his tooths. That's why they were green.
9)The mosquitos have tooths.
10)The City of Mexico has sank 9 metters in the last 100 years.