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The big issue commentary

For the people who don't know what I'm talking about. "The big issue" , summarizing, is a magazine which is sold for homeless people, and them they sell it for a bigger price, in order to get money to survive. However, is this the right way to help these underprivileged class of society?
The ideal way, in my opinion, would be giving them a job and a place to live, not having to pay a rent, everything supported by the government. With this, they could keep a nest egg and then restart their lives. I'm not saying that the idea of "The big issue" is bad, on the contrary, It's very useful. But this was the first step. Now we have to do more. A great idea would be use the money from the olympic games and the world cup (which is the biggest bullshit ever) to start the construction of these houses. If they already exist in some places, we should renovate them. Put there people who is really interested on changing their lives. The government doesn't need …