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Analysing the human behavior, we can conclude that we have a lot of conflicts everyday, what make us stressed and unhappy in most of the time. So, how can we avoid them?
First, we have to see which situations can lead to conflict in people's personal and professional lives. To much work? Problems with money? Addictions? Arguments at home? Misunderstandings? All of these cases show us a necessity of putting our bad feelings away. In my opinion, it happens because we don't have time for ourselves anymore; everything is happening very fast in our lifes (relationships, changes of informations, feelings, desires, necessities, etc) and because of it we've become anxious.
So, stop a little. Pay attention on the things around you. When I say "things" I'm talking about friendship, family, landscapes, dreams, love, hobbies. What really bring us what everyone wants: happiness. Try to escape from fights and arguments…

Stress and conflicts

Nowadays, people are getting stressed very easily. They don't have time to relax and most of the times they have to bring their works home. The question is: if we are always in movement, how can we not get into conflicts? Here are some advices that you can follow (or not) by my personal experience.

You know when you are arriving in your company and need to take the elevator? However, when you are reaching it the door is closing, and just one guy is inside of it. And worse, he works with you. The solution is simple. If you have never noticed, there's a button that close the door instantly. You can press it when this guy is coming (of course he can't see it), and then he will have to wait another one. But, if you want something funnier, press all the buttons before leaving it.
There's always a guy that makes you angry, isn't it? So, it's time for the revenge! day he will have to use the bathroom to "send a fax". While he's shitting you …