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Showing posts from March 21, 2010

Walking in Downtown

Everyday, excepting the weekends, people are in Downtown doing a lot of things: buying pirate products, visiting clubs to play with some bitches, doing courses, and specially working. The environment is full of cars, street punks, business men, and even politicians, who sometimes stay in the middle of the paviment trying to manipulate the others, making the illusion that he's a super hero (just for the idiots who believe). Unfortunately, I have to be there twice a week and it's difficult not to get stressed. Everything begins when I'm leaving the subway. A lot of people walking like animals trying to reach first the escalator. Come on! Can't you realize that the energy that you want to save while you are on the escalator was the same energy that you consumed when you were running like a monkey? Well...that was just the first thing. When you leave the subway you, normally, have a place to go. It's not like a shopping center, where you stay there just to have a good …