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I see you - understanding the song

Listening to the theme song for the movie Avatar for the first time didn’t register or caused any real reaction. In fact, I thought it was just a second version of “My heart will go on”, theme song for director James Cameron’s mega box-office hit Titanic. First impressions most times don’t count.

To understand the song, you have to think of the meaning of the word that gave name to the film. Originally the manifestation of a Hindu deity in human or superhuman or animal form, it is considered a personification or incarnation of a supreme being. The use of it in social media and now with the film has brought an extended meaning, that of human in its perfect or ideal form, god in human form. The avatar gives us the chance to be all that we would like to; to see the world with colorful lenses and crystallizes the way we would like others to see us.

That’s way the song comes in. “I see me in your eyes” synthesizes the idea of the other. We need the other – a neighbor, colleague, loved one, a…
Yesterday, march 17th was Saint Patrick's day, you know what this means...? Yeah! Irish colonies from all ove the world are celebrating the day in what Saint Patrick, the most commonly recognized of the patron saints of Ireland was born on the 4th century. It's also the day that thousants of people put on green clothes, eat tons and tons of green food, specially hot dogs, and even more green beer. But no fighting, ok!?

Super Size Me (Shity food)

Although I eat at Mcdonald's, I liked the idea of the guy who made the film. The fast food companies are earning a lot of money to the costumers expense. I mean, you can go there to eat something sometimes but you can't make this a habbit. Even for people who don't practice this habbit, they are getting used to this. A good example are the kids. The only reason of why they go are the toys that they earn when the snack is bought. It's almost impossible make the owners of fast food companies change their minds, so what we can do is teach our children not to consume this Shity Food. The people who are addicted to this king of meal MUST look for a doctor, and this responsibility must be divided between all the relatives. However, if they don't help, the addiction cannot be eliminated.

Reading Comprehension

What's the missing word in each blank? What helped you get the answer?

This news story was adapted from the site Breaking News English:


Most of the world’s Internet users ………… Internet access is a basic human right. This is according to a new poll conducted for the BBC. A survey of more than 27,000 adults in 26 different countries found four out of five people believed access to the World Wide Web was a right everyone in the world needs and should have. The chief of the International Telecommunication Union, Dr. Hamadoun Toure, told the BBC World Service: "The right to ……………… cannot be ignored. The Internet is the most powerful potential source of enlightenment ever created." Dr. Toure believes online access should be available everywhere, …… roads and water. In some countries, this has already ………. Finland and Estonia have laws saying access is a human right.

The survey also showed how the Internet is quickly becomin…