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What pisses me off

.When people do things without caring about everyone else, as if they were the only people in the world.
. People who yell while they talk on their NEXTEL phones...come on, can't they speak like a normal person...? Maybe they want to show how important they are....
. When i see a beautiful woman with an A-Hole.

You can hear Peter Griffin's opinion too !

What pisses me off

If there's a thing that really pisses me off is the environment of a full bus. You feel like you are in a can because you can't move, and the worst thing is that there are other people who insist on entering but they can't. The smell is awful and when you are near a person that is seated, sometimes you touch your "private parts" on her, and this can be really embarassing. Although there's no space to move, you will need to get out sometime and in spite of helping you, the people who are in your way don't even budge and worse...they get furious, WTF? There are times that is better to be in a dump than to travel in a full bus. However if it's part of your routine, you have to get used to this, like me =(

The problems at the subway

What I feel very strong about is the subway problems. The bad organization in addition to terrible manners of the subway users results in a routine chaos. It has been happening for many years; everyday, thousands of people prefer this transport because they believe it's faster and more secure. But what I can conclude is that each year we are paying more for the service and the wagons are getting so overcrowded and hot that we just can enter in it! What really amazes me are users who contribute a lot to make it worse. Some people don't know how to respect anybody, and kick others to make entering in the car something possible. As if that wasn't enough the organizers of the company are making a lot of changes "to make the transport faster" which only complicates it more.