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Relationships have changed

How has The Internet changed relarionships? Here is what some of my studnets have to say:

Nowadays the Internet helps to find people, old friends, relatives that live abroad. But people don't visit or call other people. They just want to stay at home in front of the computer and those games are left behind, they lose face to face contact.

Relationships vary from person to person. There are many kinds of friends: beach friends, party friends, school friends, online friends, fake friends, freinds for life. Fake friends are the ones who disappoint you in the course of the relationship; friends for life are people we take with us forever.

Internet has opened doors to many things, especially in the social world. Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, and all these sites were made to maintain contact with others around. Orkut is used to expand your social life. One day you have 500 friends, the next day you have 700. All kinds of friends - virtual, acquaintances, compulsory strangers can sudenly becom…

No changes by 2PAC

Realist or Pessimist?

Has anything changed since the song was written some 15 years ago?

Come on come on
I see no changes. Wake up in the morning and I ask myself,
"Is life worth living? Should I blast myself?"
I'm tired of bein' poor and even worse I'm black.
My stomach hurts, so I'm lookin' for a purse to snatch.
Cops give a damn about a negro? Pull the trigger, kill a nigga, he's a hero.
Give the crack to the kids who the hell cares? One less hungry mouth on the welfare.
First ship 'em dope & let 'em deal the brothers.
Give 'em guns, step back, and watch 'em kill each other.
"It's time to fight back", that's what Huey said.
2 shots in the dark now Huey's dead.
I got love for my brother, but we can never go nowhere
unless we share with each other. We gotta start makin' changes.
Learn to see me as a brother 'stead of 2 distant strangers.
And that's how it's supposed to be.
How can the Devil take a …