Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Waiting for the End - LP

I was thinking about the last post (on making and keeping a wish list) and the song Waiting for the End by Linkin Park came to my mind.

The lead singer Chester talks about his own wishes regarding a relationship he had and lost. He recognizes there is no way of having something that he has already lost but apparently can't come to terms with the idea.

Here are two sentences he uses with wish. We can rewrite them in a different way but with the same meaning. The original sentences are in red.

"Wishing I had the strength to stand" = "If only I had the strength to stand"

"I wish it wasn't so" = "I would have liked it not to be so"

There is some useful vocabulary to learn here. While watching the video, find expressions or words that are the same in meaning as:

  • exchange something for something
  • kill something
  • not mentioned or not spoken
  • that way (in the sentence "I wish it wasn't that way")
  • what is necessary
  • get trapped in the middle of a natural disaster
Useful tip: the words in the text that need to be found are in the same structure as these above.


What, according to the singer, is the hardest part of ending something?

Do you agree with the singer's opinion?

Answers : trade something for something; dead something, unsaid, so, what it takes, get caught up in the middle of the storm


Angela said...

At this time of the year we always look back to analyze gains and losses.
The lyrics portraits a big loss, something out of control, an “epic failure”.
After breaking up everybody has to think about the things left unsaid and rock every revision.
Although the hardest part of ending is starting again, that`s still the best solution.
If you identify with the lyrics, my advice is :
Move on !
No matter how hard it takes.
Although the hardest part of ending is starting again, that`s still the best solution to overcome the situation.

Anonymous said...

Sound words from the voice of experience.
We don't have to necessarily just wait for the end. We can plan for the beginning!

Angela said...

Plan from the beginning?
I think only very rational people can do so.
Anyway, it may avoid suffering.

Someone once told me that like food, each relationship has an expiration date.

The problem is that people disregard it and go far past.