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I wish, I wish for a wish list

More than any period of the year, Christmas is when people make lists of what they want to win and what they want to give.

But between Christmas and New Year's Day, people start making resolutions for the next year. An alternative to listing resolutions is making a wish list.

On this list, people include things like:

  1. Places to go

  2. World foods to try

  3. Books to read

  4. Movies to watch

What else would you include on your list?

Do you have any special wish(es)?

Is it better to make New Year Resolutions or make a wish list?


Anonymous said…
I wish I could travel to the Caribbean.

The places on my list:

Aruba, Curação, Honduras, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic.

Anonymous said…
Personal wish list:study more

Books to read: 1808

Places to go: the USA

Angela said…
I wish I were more patient especially in the traffic.

I wish I had time to meet my friends.

I wish I could attend a seminar or conference about Multiculturalism abroad and write more about the subject.

I wish I could join the weight watchers .
Angela said…
Revising my “wish list”
I`ve just received news from Lesley, the most dynamic person I`ve ever met.
A special wish? I wish I were like her.
Lesley is over seventy ( in her mid seventies) and keeps working as if she was twenty-five.
She`s the president and director of many charity associations and clubs in Hertfordshire, England . She has been a member of Friendship Force club for more than twenty years and I suppose she has already hosted more than a hundred people from different nations in her nice house in Hemel Hempstead.
Lesley also travels more than three times a year to different countries. She has got friends all over the world and keeps contact with them by phone, e-mails and snail-mail.
My friend really knows how to cope with people from different cultures and different religions.
This diplomatic lady gets along well with Europeans, Americans, Asians, Latins and so on.
She has a “multicultural spirit”.
Lesley loves driving. She´s the most skillful driver I`ve ever met. Two years ago she got a TRUCK driving license, just for fun( remember her age !).
I wish I could get to her age with half of her energy!

Note: After eating Lesley`s delicious dishes, including her unique raspberry pie, her guests changed their minds about British food.
Anonymous said…
After reading about this marvelous woman, I would include on my wish list:

Be someone spectacular in all that I do!

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