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Christmas traditions - Secret friend or Secret Santa?

A very poplular tradition in most countries is the anonymous exchange of gifts usually among friends or classmates or big families. This practice has many names around the world, and these names refer to the person who gives the gift.

Here are some names for this practice from around the world

US, Canada and Great Britain: Secret Santa

Southern Pennsylvania, USA: Pollyanna

Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines - Kris Kringle

In Germany - Christkindl

In Brazil - Amigo Secreto or Amigo Oculto

In Spain - Amigo Invisible

Now tell us:
Do you like (a) giving gifts or (b) receiving gifts?

If your answer is (a), what kind of gift do you like to give?
If your answer is (b), what do you think is the true message of Christmas?


Bárbara said…
I love both! I love choosing presents for people I love - and I have to say I´m good at it! But of course, receiving gifts is great. It doesn´t matter if the present is expensive ot not. What matter is that the person who gives the gift has put some thought into it and found something that he or she knows I will like.
Anonymous said…
"It's the thought that counts" is what they always say. Material gifts can be a manifestation of how we feel about a person and how special this person is to us.

Angela said…
Hi, Stephan!
Another interesting topic for discussion.

It`s high time to reflect on the true message of Christmas.

And so this is Christmas…
Crowded malls, a shopping spree, crowded streets, traffic jam, rush everywhere, supermarkets stocking Christmas food, strings of lights decorating shops, houses and buildings.
It all represents an increase. One can find an increase everywhere: in the taxi fares, in the light bills - overeating, overdrinking, overspending. …
Is this the true message of Christmas ?
How about a shift? How about an increase in love, friendship, gratitude, generosity, compassion, fraternity, caring and sharing?
That`s the true message of Christmas, the real Christmas spirit .
Mariana Casals said…
I suppose the true message of Christmas is love. I really believe people should take this time to be with the ones they love and to cherish the good things and reflect about attitudes and opportunities they had throughout the year.

Above all, love is what we really need to feel at this festive time.

Regarding the secret santa, I like the idea of being close to those I like and having the chance of having a good time with them. I like to give gifts that will surprise people and that, hopefully, they'll really enjoy.
Anonymous said…
Hey guys,

This goes to show how we humans are very social, we need interaction.

But nowadays everything feels so artificial that I don't think we can talk about the Christmas spirit. People seem to be so fake, don't you think?
Angela said…
As Defstet said:“It's-the-thought-that-counts gifts"
Be careful when choosing a Christmas gift.
The gift you give and receive can say quite a lot about relationships.
There are gifts, which would be better not to give. : socks, handkerchiefs and underwear.
Remember! They´re personal items that people like choosing for themselves .
Don`t pass a gift on. The person who receives it may be a common friend.
Avoid the “white elephant gifts” which have no utilities.
Sometimes we make unconscious choices.
Then, be careful!
"The thought behind it matters most"

Angela Oliveira
Angela said…
Revising the last lines of the comment :
Sometimes you can make unconscious choices.
The, be careful!
Christmas gift:
"The thought behind it matters most"
Angela Oliveira
teresa said…
”What kind of gift do I like to give?
As Angela said, gifts say a lot about our relationships.
So, the gifts I give to my close friends are totally different from the ones I give to my boss or co-workers.
I don`t mind giving personal items to a very close friend , a parent or a relative.
Anonymous said…
The question is whether certain people - relatives or no relatives -like receiving this kind of gifts.
Angela said…
On second thought, I think Teresa is right.
As gifts say a lot about relationships, husbands and wives, boyfriends and
girlfriends frequently exchange a personal item as a gift.
I believe their purpose is to reveal the degree of intimacy in the relationship.

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