Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Making stories with a cloud

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Use as many words as possible and write a one-paragraph story.

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Anonymous said...

getting away is so hard

Anonymous said...

I tried so hard, can't seem to get away from misery,
Man I tried so hard, but always be a victim of these
streets, follows me,
And still I try so hard, ho
It Ain't my fault cause I, try to get away but trouble
pin one day they'll come
and rescue me,

But until then, I'll be posted up right here rain,
sleet, hail, snow .
But until then, I'll be posted up right here with my heat gettin dough .

Comment: The guy has problems with money, and goes through many difficults to get it, but says that despite everything, will always keep trying to get his money.

Vini said...

you should get away from the streets , try to be right, there's no hoping and no rescue for wrongs

Anonymous said...

It follows the rain. Man rescued from misery, the victims, that after the hail, the streets were under snow.

Anonymous said...

Name:Janaina,Julia da Veiga e Julia Moura. It's a song by Akon(I Tried)

I Try to get away but i'm a victim.
Cuz i always turn right
If you looking for trouble,you have come to the right place.
please someone rescue me.

Anonymous said...

nothing seems right when you are in trouble

this is my fault and I ain't the victimst

Anonymous said...

The hard problem still waits to be rescued, leaving the man in misery.

Carla Torres.

Anonymous said...

I tried come the most soon as I could. But the snow was a trouble in the way.

Bruna,Mariana e Matheus

Anonymous said...

I try always to make the best of my self
Diego Campos
Christoph Mueller

Anonymous said...

One day a boy (chico) was on a mountain of snow, Its hard to climb very suddenly he was lost, alone and cold, he gettin his backpack and began to seek help until they found a street on your right and then decided to go that way until he was very tired and was not ill the siege until he could rescue and save wire

Lucas Palumbo, Lucas Abreu e Francisco Eduardo

Ninjas Tropical Productions said...

It's hard to live your own life alone but that is a fight u need to try so hard, and man don't give up when thing don't come. It's time to u try don't be a victim and start rescue yourself, getting away from the misery from the streets, cuz troubles always come in the same way, someone fault.

Anonymous said...

I tried to hope my friends, but they didn't want my help.

rs, Patrícia Monteiro.

Anonymous said...

I was walking dead into the street, and I decided to go home and get away from this place, I have to kick the snow in front of my house's door, it's a little hard, and it give me some trouble, but I see smoke in the house and run to rescue my mother, but she was burned, now I know what I am... A ZOMBIE, MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

Alan, BC e Josh

Anonymous said...

i try to be a hope guy, but a tried.

Marcella, Anna Luiza e Luíza Kow. :)


Anonymous said...

We are victims of misery thanks to the incompetent authorities.


Anonymous said...

I woke up this morning and it was sleeting and I get way to rescue my dog from the streets hoping he had follow a man away from snow. But I realize that my dog was in trouble,than I posted in the internet asking for help. Cuz I'm nigga!

Arthur Lardosa, Sid e Gabriel Faro

Anonymous said...

Try to make things right,
don't get away never.
The man is clever.
But the man is also a corrupt.

It's hard to live in the misery.
The man is stupdid.

The man is victim of violence on the streets in the cities.

Maria Cecilia e Arthur Pessanha

Anonymous said...

It would be very difficult to live away from something that can not play, but when we imagine we are unable to express in words something that goes beyond what we see. Try and risk it!

Maria Isabela, Monique e Renata