Inspirational Saturday

These words of advice are always welcome and we should always remember to do them:


gret said…
I loved this video! Thanks for sharing it.
We sometimes get caught in every day duties and stuff and forget that it's the small things that matter. Those things are really inspiring!
Thanks for reminding me about it!
Greta Sandler
Angela said…
Inspiring words of wisdom!

Everybody needs a little reminder from time to time .
Lessons on how to boost your self-esteem like : “ Buy yourself flowers”, “Pamper yourself “ and “ Don`t compare yourself with others”..
Lessons on how to achieve success in your job or career like: “ Be open to new ideas”, “Have a perspective and “Set goals”.
Lessons on a healthy life style: “Exercise", “Limit television and “Get a good night´s sleep”.
Among other words of advice on the video message, I think we should give attention to this one: “Make a list of gratitude”.
At this time of year, it`s time to reflect on what we`ve got and start preparing the list.
Angela said…
Instead of "we should give attention to this one", please, read "we should give attention to these ones. ( words of advice)
Anonymous said…
You could go even better Angela:

You should "pay attention to these things". Got it?

Congrats on the comment.


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