Lady Gaga's VMA

This year was her year. There were other winners, of course. And there were some great pictures too.

What's your favorite award ceremony? Do you think all the VMA winners deserved to win?

Note: Based on the poll used here, Usher gave the best performance at the VMA with 40% of the votes, followed by Eminem and Rihanna and the trio B.O.B., Hayley Williams and Bruno Mars each with 15% of the votes.


nat said…
My favorite award ceremony is the oscar, and I think other artists deserve more than some that won the vma.
Anonymous said…
well, the grammy and the VMA are wonderful awards. Eminem and Rihanna are so amazing. The song is the best!
caroltinho said…
Carol- my favorite award ceremony is: Oscar and Gramado's award, about movies and actors.
i'm , but i don't know who was the vma's winners. kissessssssssss
Victor - I think that vma is my favorite music award but i appreciate so much the Oscar and i guess they diserved all the awards.
Ronaldo e jade linda said…
Our favorite ceremony is the Oscar,because there are beautiful girls and boys (of course)..
Anonymous said…
man, let me tell you right?
JustEn Bieber is a lil pussy guy who give her big ass to any1 with money.
Eminem the best rapper after Tupac deserved the awards received and i rly want more nasty things in this awards like a sex whores and all that stuffs.
Gustavo said…
I don't like this award, because they only give to the most artist that hav most fans, and don't to peopl that have talent
Anonymous said…
my favorite is VMB... the brasilian music awards
Anonymous said…
bia, bibs e lauli - we loves lady gaga's the meat shoes
Anonymous said…
I love justin bieber and eminen.. he
Billionaire,is a very good song.

Billionaire is a little song cool!
We love the song: "love the way u lie."
Anonymous said…
usher is the best in this list , without any questions , the rest of the people are sucks

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