Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Be a billionaire!

The new song by Travis Mc Coy featuring Bruno Mars at first seems like yet another sticky song for teens to sing and enjoy. It talks all about what every young person dreams of: fame, money, status, recognition, power. But there is much more to it.

Mc Coy seems to be saying that yes, I want to have it all, but I can help other people fulfil their dreams at the same time. With money I can change the world to make it the way I want.

Lyrics | Travie McCoy Feat, Bruno Mars lyrics - Billionaire lyrics

What do you think? Is the singer being hypocritical when he claims that he wants to do good?

Maybe he read this article.

And finally, test your millionaire/billionaire potential.


Anonymous said...

We can be a billionaire. No, because I think the singer really wants to help.

Demy e Carol

Angela said...

Who doesn`t want to be a billionaire?
Just imagine :
Having enough money to spend on whatever you want : expensive clothes, jewelry, parties, trips, yachts, private jets
Having a lot of people to help you to do things easier and faster.
No more worries about money-related matters such as budgets, bills, fees, savings...
No more fears about making ends meet, about being fired.
No more worries, no more fears? It`s not that simple!
What about the fear of being kidnapped or having a child kidnapped?
A billionaire has to be worried about home security alarms, body guards, bulletproof cars ...
True friends? True love? How to tell them apart? Who to trust in?
Doesn't a billionaire generally have a quantity of “friends” and lovers who get closer to him just to take advantage of his money ?
Money can solve problems but can create problems as well.
I think the worst problem a billionaire may have is become a slave to money,futile and materialistic.

"Money talks and b**** walks"