Back to work with all the joy in the world

It is true: taking a break is sometimes more important than working non-stop. Especially when you go to a place and have a view like this to help you forget about the world.

When was the last time you took a break from work or some days off? What was it like?
PS This is just the start of my travelog to Natal, a wonderful city in the NorthEast of Brazil.


Angela said…
If you can`t remember the last time you took a break from work or some days off ….
Be careful! You may be stressed and becoming a workaholic.
Here are the main symptoms:

• Feeling restless
• Finding it difficult to concentrate
• Having memory problems or becoming easily confused
• Generally feeling upset
• Having marked mood swings
• Having emotional outbursts
• Eating when you are not hungry
• Lack of sense of humor
• Muscle tension
• Sweaty palms
• Stomach/abdominal pain
• Unable to sleep or excessive sleep
• Shortness of breath
• Unexplained rashes or skin irritations

Everybody needs to take a break.
It enables a person to come back to work refreshed and with a renewed energy and enthusiasm to manage work . It is important to value all the different areas in our life. Spending time with friends or loved ones is very important.
Great productivity isn’t about working all the time. Great productivity is about being effective when you’re working.

Extracted and adapted from Susan Leigh`s article.
(Susan Leigh is a Counsellor & Hypnotherapist at Lifestyle Therapy in Warrington, United Kingdom )
Anonymous said…

I'll be sure to follow all these marvelous pieces of advice! But what happens when work mixes with pleasure and vice versa -do we have to take a break all the same?


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