Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brazil - no woman's land

The latest incident involving the case of national champion Flamengo goalie Bruno Souza has sent shivers down the spine of Brazilian society and reactivates a recurring topic: why are women still deprived of their rights? And why are things made even worse when the woman in question is considered indecent, a hooker, or sex companion?

The only reason why men continue to beat women is because many people - male and female - think it something normal. And it is no surprise to hear people see no wrong in men striking a prostitute.

The missing girl in the case du jour, Eliza Samudio, sought police protection which was denied because of her "profession". Conclusion: it seems as if Eliza had it coming, she deserved it.

Who do you think is to blame?

Should clubs and teams demand that their athletes or "employees" be submitted to constant pyschological treatment?

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