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Hypocritical people

I am hypocritical, and I am sure you are too. Everybody have a hipocritical moment, even when we try to hide this from ourselves.
Every year, we have a new scandal on politics; corruption and lies are very commom in the society. It's very easy to notice people losing time with useless things, while shit happens. That's when the most part of the people say:

"My country is a piece of shit! Society is to blame."
"We don't have any infrastructure for development, and the people don't do anything!"
"Lots of people are in complete misery, and the society is intrigued to discover the end of the soap opera!"
"These people on reality shows are very fake, jealous, I hate everybody!"
"Women should be treated as the men! Oh, military work? This kind of things are for men."
"I don't have prejudice against black people, it's ridiculous. *after some time* oh look at this man on Big Brother Brasil! He's a drag queen, it's ridiculous!"

Come on people!
First: the guilty one of these bad things is the society? Welcome to "the society". YOU are the society.
The people don't do anything the change the situation? By the way, have you called the governators of you city today?
People in reality shows are bad? Ok, I forgot that you act like Jesus in your everyday life...

... and it goes on and on...

One good example of hypocrisy, is a part of football suporters.
"I hate Brazil! I want to go to a place of first world!"
And then...
"World Cup is coming! UHUUL I LOVE BRAZIL!"
And the same person starts buying flags, t-shirts, a big LCD television to watch the games while he's drinking beer with his friends... to shout BRAZIIIIIIIIIIIILL, THE BEST when a brazilian player (that sometimes you have forgot his appearance, because he's playing in a europe team) do something professional with the ball (that he must have practiced in another country).
Ok, the first game goes on, and our country wins. "Of course, it's a very good team!"
After some time, the team loses. "I knew it would happen, because it's a team of shit! They don't know how to play! Useless people! I would do better!" Sit back and enjoy.


Anonymous said…
There are pros and cons in terms of opinions about the Brazilian team.
There are many possible combinations for Dunga, but he is very strong. Perhaps, it would be good for the Brazilian team to follow his conditions, to give importance to his ideals. If players are going to play football, then they need to focus on football alone. That's what they get paid for.

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