Comments about the "rodízio" restaurants

A new habit has developed in Brazil, at least in my city, that is the "rodízio" restaurants. You call your friends to eat something there. Pizza and meat are the most chosen and, normally, each person pays her/his bill. However, this experience is getting worse and worse.

When you make a reservation in the restaurant, for your birthday for example, the obvius thought is that you will get there and find your table easily, with all the chairs that you need. WRONG!! Sometimes they don't organize it well and just put 4 chairs for 10 people.

In a pizza restaurant they start offering you salted, and then the sweet ones. Ok, it seems good BUT it's not. After this, they don't give you anything. And if you just had this problem, consider yourself a luck person, because sometimes they stop offering out of the blue. On the other hand, if you are enjoying the flavours, just wait for the french fries and steak pizza, the new shitty side order of these places.

Moreover, just to finish this nightmare, the waiters ask you for the 10% service charge. Come on!! 10% for what? Your bad service? Give me a break!

Well...talking about the same topic, what do you think about the 10%? Have you been in similar situation like that? Leave a comment and tell me.


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