Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Restart Band - new youth

It's sad to see where this new youth is heading. I was taking a look at youtube and, unfortunately, I found a video of a Restart's fan giving an interview, and it really shocked me. The girl didn't talk like a normal person, and she was always using emoticons to say, instead of normal speaking.

First thing, I'm not saying that you can't create your own personality, but sometimes it gets ridiculous! And worse, these new bands coming bring new shitty style, which make people like them think that it's normal.

The parents are not setting the expected limits to show that you won't go anywhere, excepting under the bridge, with this pointless way of living. Kids have to receive strong education if it's necessary. Life is not easy, and sometime you'll have to wake up to this. However, it would be good to do it now, because if you don't, no one but the circus will give you a job,

So, my advice is.......CHANGE YOUR WAY OF BEING YOURSELF 'cause life is not a "coraçãozinho"

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