Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The newest brazilian "sensation": Fiuk

Fiuk is the newest teenage sensation in Brazil - he's considered beautiful and talented. Now he's acting in "Malhação ID", a program for teenagers that always has the same history. In the program he plays a boy that wants to be in the music world but his family is against it. In my opinion he's not a good actor. When he speaks it looks like he's in pain. He even has a band called "Hori", and once I've heard that this word means harmony or something like that in another language.
He reminds me of a homeless guy, because his hair is so awful and his clothes are very colorful and ugly. And Fiuk is a horrible nickname..
Fans, sorry.. But how do you like this guy ? He's forced, not beautiful and his voice is really strange. So I want you to answer my question if you're his fan.


Anonymous said...

what do u have against brazilians for real u seem to reseach a lot..ur info is all wrong so dnt blog bout what u dnt know and talk shit bout the talent of brasil k

Anonymous said...

Nothing personal the group was probably just giving a personal not an informed opinion.