Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The new Teen Sensation- WHY !?

Each day, we can see new artists and singers appearing overnight, others getting more and more popular, but this new kid, Justin Bieber, opens a new cattegory of sudden success , and gives a new meaning for the word "STAR".

People seem to have lost their sense, their control about what is reality when it comes to this kid. Now, not only the "teeny bowpers" are getting crazy about him, but now we can see even grown woman in his shows...That's sad.

He posesses an image, a personality most teenagers find atractive: modern clothes, stylish hair, catchy songs, etc... ; and what is worst, making millions of fans worldwide believe that his way of living is OK, is cool.

These modern days' youth seems to lose all their personality, give up of everything just to follow, or pretend to be someone, just to be accepted by the rest of the society. And don`t come to me saying that his songs are beautiful, that they have deep and emotional lyrics, because they DON`T .

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