Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kids & The Marshmallow test

How about a fresh and delicious marshmallow? It`s almost impossible to refuse one, specially if you are a kid, but what if you could get two?

An experiment run by Dr. David Walsh was based on this tempting offer. Several kids were located in a room, and each one had a plate with ONE marshmallow on it. They could either eat that marshmallow, or wait fifty minutes, and they would get another one. Resuming: eat ONE now, or TWO almost an hour latter.

The results were impressive, only 3 of the 12 kids ate the marshmallow as soon as the supervisor left the room ( well... who wouldn`t...ahahahah) , the other 9 "suffered" for almost 1 hour, poor kids...but at the end, they got the marshmallows.

But it`s not just the marshmallow, Dr. David said that the objective of the experiment was to show how kids act differently form each other, and help parents try to figure out how to help their kids to have more self discipline, and also, the kids saying NO to themselves is a key success fact for their mental evolution.

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