Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Parents x friends: who is the best to travel with ?

When we talk about traveling, we can say that it's a time to relax and do whatever we want. But sometimes when you're a teenager, this time can be very different from what you're thinking. For example, if you travel to a very boring place with your parents, and they keep saying what you "need" to do there, it'll be a very bad trip. On the other hand, if you travel with your friends, you're able to do everything you want: go everywhere, do everything, you feel like you're free.
In my opinion, it's very good to travel with your friends, because you feel independent and older. But if your parentes aren't boring, the travel with them can be good too. In case they don't care about what you wanna do in the travel, you can tell them everything you thing it's important and convince them that your opinion is important too.

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É o Pet said...

The both are good, depends where are you will going and your intencions.