Influencial people of 2010

I saw the list of the most influencial people in 2010 and I couldn't believe that Lula was considerated the most important leader. How this can be possible? We can't say that he never did things for Brazil, but he's not the guy that people from other countries think he is. Another thing that I didn't undertstand is the fact that Ben Stiller is considered a hero. I think it's amazing the fact that he cares about the schools for Haitian children, but he's not a hero because of this, he's just a guy with a good heart and money to do it.
When I saw that Lady Gaga was the most influencial artist, I totally agreed, because she does everything she wants, and doesn't care about what people say of her. And this is why she's on the top of the list.
Of course there are other influencial people that I don't think should be on the list, but there's nothing to say about it. It's what most people think...
I just hope that next year they choose the famous people that deserve to be on the list better.


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