Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Church in conflict with Lady GaGa

A lot of things have been said about Lady GaGa. Some people think that she's only a crazy singer that wants to make money being polemical. Other people think that she's a bad singer that has become famous because of her style. The problem is: What does the Church say about her?
I've done a research on the web to find out this, and I've discovered a lot of curious things. Some religious say that she's a leader who will make a revolution of the devil on the earth. They say she's spreading evil among all the people who follow her. On the other hand the fans are defending Lady GaGa, and believe that she is only breaking taboos, fighting for the gay rights, saying her real opinion about the facts, and sparking of envy. And how will we know what's true or not?
Let's talk about one of her videoclips, "Bad Romance".
I've received a e-mail about this video, saying that the images represents a ritual of iniciation for a kind of god. It says that all of her clothes, attitudes and decoration of the videos have a meaning. What really amazes me is that everything I've read makes sense (but I don't have an informed opinion about the truth of the text).
I've found some news about a Church in Kansas, whose followers were going to stage a protest outside of Lady Gaga's concert. They say that the singer is teaching young fans to glory in their shame.
Here is the answer of Lady GaGa: "My fans deserve a place where weird people are accepted." "We preach the love and the preach the truth."
It's up to us to make our own conclusion.


Anonymous said...

I think that Lady Gaga just wants to call attention, and it's a great marketing tatic to seem a crazy and weird woman who defend the right of being different from the others.But it's all about money.After all, what is different use to atract more than what's common.She just started to be famous when she adopted the weird look. So if she hadn't been sucessful like this, she wouldn't keep this crazy appearance and work.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to put a finger on it - but I guess we live in a world in which you have to be weird or eccentric to be noticed and to have your talent - ore lack of it - recognized.