Thursday, March 18, 2010

Super Size Me (Shity food)

Although I eat at Mcdonald's, I liked the idea of the guy who made the film. The fast food companies are earning a lot of money to the costumers expense. I mean, you can go there to eat something sometimes but you can't make this a habbit. Even for people who don't practice this habbit, they are getting used to this. A good example are the kids. The only reason of why they go are the toys that they earn when the snack is bought. It's almost impossible make the owners of fast food companies change their minds, so what we can do is teach our children not to consume this Shity Food. The people who are addicted to this king of meal MUST look for a doctor, and this responsibility must be divided between all the relatives. However, if they don't help, the addiction cannot be eliminated.

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