Monday, March 1, 2010

Relationships have changed

How has The Internet changed relarionships? Here is what some of my studnets have to say:

Nowadays the Internet helps to find people, old friends, relatives that live abroad. But people don't visit or call other people. They just want to stay at home in front of the computer and those games are left behind, they lose face to face contact.

Relationships vary from person to person. There are many kinds of friends: beach friends, party friends, school friends, online friends, fake friends, freinds for life. Fake friends are the ones who disappoint you in the course of the relationship; friends for life are people we take with us forever.

Internet has opened doors to many things, especially in the social world. Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, and all these sites were made to maintain contact with others around. Orkut is used to expand your social life. One day you have 500 friends, the next day you have 700. All kinds of friends - virtual, acquaintances, compulsory strangers can sudenly become our best longtime friend.

Relationships have changed in the last few years, because technology is upgraded fast, involving realtionships like Internet friends, virtual sex and chats, but the best friends are those we maintain real relationships with face to face. You can't discard Internet friends, because we can exchange ideas about another city, country, other games, new information. There are many smart people out there.

Relationships changed because people don't talk face to face, they use a mask and you don't know if what the person says is true or false. Another factor is the distance: some people can't express their emotions or feelings. But there is a good point, communication between peoples has become so easy.

Nowadays there are many ways to make friends, teh Internet makes it easier to meet new people on relationship sites. And sometimes the friendship is for real and is lost for some time. You can meet people from anywhere in the world in many ways.

Relationships have changed because nowadays you can meet new people from another country without leaving the convenience of your home. There are many chat rooms to help people talk, but face to face is still the same. We think nowadays that people don't mix with others.

What do you think?

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